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SIMBA Shop OnLion Lion Marketplace Shopping Process

Recorded 1/31/2024. May not reflect the most recent updates to SIMBA. Links from the video: SIMBA: Creating a Goods Confirmation SIMBA: Logging In and Setting your Default Delivery Address Shop…

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Metagenomics for the masses | David Roos, PhD & Daniel Beiting, PhD, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Drs. David Roos and Daniel Beiting talk about the development of an open-access data-mining platform for interrogating microbiome experiments. Learn more here: …

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Agile Project Management: Scrum & Sprint Demystified

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9.3: What do low + mid fidelity prototypes look like?

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Meet the World's Most Connected Man

Youtube link: June 5 (Bloomberg) --- Chris Dancy refers to himself as "the most connected human on Earth." On any given day, he has between 300-700 sensors,…

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May 3, 2019 SIMBA Session

Spotlight Topic: Concur and Procurement Card Join Debbie Meder for our SIMBA Session, a continuing series of live webinars to provide updates and information about the SIMBA project and answer your…

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