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SRA 365 - Lesson 11 - Visualizing Chi-Square Results

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BA 342: Diversity Project Instructions

Zoom Recording ID: 91073513017 UUID: /aJPTOoMQm+a1gFjAZA2Dw== Meeting Time: 2023-02-27 03:42:15pmGMT

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L07i: Title TBD

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L01p: Wrap Up and Worksheet Part 3 (IST 868)

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Right Now!

The half-hour documentary color film Right Now! traces the efforts of the lesser-known civil rights activist Lester Hankerson to register voters in Savannah, Georgia. Robert Newman made the film for…

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Book Arts Advocacy: A Conversation with the Book/Print Artist/Scholar of Color Collective

The University Libraries' Annual Charles W. Mann Jr. Lecture in the Book Arts* You are invited to watch and listen to the recorded Mann Lecture event with three distinguished members of the…

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2020 FEB 21 Seeing the forest for the trees: random forests and predicting fracking

Kimberly Roth, Juniata College

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Lesson 3.3. Misc HT Topics a

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Lesson 3.2. Hypothesis Testing a

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