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The unseen carbon cycle: Amines to an end | Kelly Wrighton, Colorado State University

Dr. Kelly Wrighton take us on a methylated amines journey, from discussing her research on using microbiomes to predict atherosclerotic disease in humans to understanding how microbe could constrain…

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PICO questions hierarchy of evidence

Presented by Nancy Adams of the Harrell Health Sciences Library. The learning objectives for this module are: Explains the principle of "hierarchy of evidence" Use information tools to find…

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Lesson 3.2. Measures of Association (Part 2) [PHS550]

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Lesson 3.1. Measures of Association (Part 1) [PHS550]

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Lesson 2.2. Understanding the Use of Measures of Frequency in Practice

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Lesson 2.1. A Primer on Types of Epidemiological Study Design [PHS550]

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