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SIMBA Shop OnLion Lion Marketplace Shopping Process

Recorded 1/31/2024. May not reflect the most recent updates to SIMBA. Links from the video: SIMBA: Creating a Goods Confirmation SIMBA: Logging In and Setting your Default Delivery Address Shop…

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Aerodynamics of airborne droplets behind the social distancing rules for COVID-19

This project investigates the dynamics and kinematics of airborne droplets experiencing aerodynamic drag force to understand the reasoning behind social distancing rules for COVID-19.…

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CHEM 130 - Introduction to Gases

Zoom Recording ID: 7763232643 UUID: kSPwBrKQRcOsfjMHApJDyQ== Meeting Time: 2022-03-10 08:00:04pm

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CHEM 130: Metric System

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CHEM 110 - Chapter 12.3 Pressure and Gas Relationships

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