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BA 342 Week 9.1 FA23

Zoom Recording ID: 91279961106 UUID: 2RTDt5z5RzydrZ+FS37Ppg== Meeting Time: 2023-10-11 03:02:53pmGMT

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BA 342: Week 11.1 - Implementing DEI & Unconscious Bias

Zoom Recording ID: 98554641575 UUID: fs2IKJy5Qu6frjATu+bjmQ== Meeting Time: 2023-03-15 04:54:11pmGMT

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BA 342: Week 10.1 - Introduction to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Causes and consequences of gut microbiome variation | Federico Rey, PhD, UW-Madison

Dr. Federico Rey talks about gut microbiome diversity and the impact of microbial community differences. Penn State’s Microbiome Center optimizes, accelerates, and disseminates long-lasting…

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Autistic Traits, Alexithymia, and Facial Emotion Recognition of Human and Anime Faces

Data were collected on autistic traits, alexithymia (difficulty with feeling emotion), and facial emotion recognition (FER). The relationships were examined between autistic traits and…

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2020 APRIL 04 Fungal Dynamics, Diversity, and Function to Improve Plant Health

Sharifa Crandall Assistant Professor Penn State

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