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Population Dynamics of Phage and Bacteria: A New Mathematical Model | Joan Roughgarden, PhD, Stanford Univ. & Univ. of Hawaii

Dr. Joan Roughgarden talks about a new mathematical model developed to understand phage-bacteria dynamics. The follow-up Q&A is included in this video. Penn State’s Microbiome Center…

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MATSE 400 Lesson 24 P 3

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CHEM 110 - Chapter 14.3 Determining Concentration after Dilutions and Transfers

Zoom Recording ID: 7763232643 UUID: enJ9oY36Q7y2adYlA1DxrQ== Meeting Time: 2021-04-02T20:03:18Z

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Introduction to Copyright: Permission and Who Can Grant It (part 4 of 4)

In this video, the last of four, Ana Enriquez describes who holds copyright under U.S. law and how they can grant permission, including via Creative Commons licenses. To follow up on this video,…

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FIN 430 Generation Skipping Tax

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FIN 430 Module 2 Introduction

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