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2021 OCT 29 Emily van Syoc MC workshop

Emily van Syoc, Penn State

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BlendLT AD

BlendLT Workshops Request for Proposals Application: BlendLT Program webpage: BlendLT Learning Path:…

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LC Student Engagement Strategies

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2020 NOV 06 Workshop: Utilizing Metatranscriptomic Analysis to Better Understand Changes in the Gut Microbiome

Robert Nichols, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar Penn State

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Veronica Lorya: Branding

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COVID-19 Research Literature: Beyond What is Found in PubMed

This is the Zoom recording of a Harrell Health Sciences Library Workshop held on Thursday, August 13, 2020.Workshop Description and Learning Objectives:With the explosion of research on COVID-19, it…

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LC & ODL Building Community & Empathy Workshop -Edited

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Effective Student Teams in Any Learning Environment

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Excelling in a Virtual Internship Workshop

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