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14 .1 HIT for Diagnosis + Treatment

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OER Interview Rob Loeb

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Planning for Accessibility - Penn State Brandywine

Recording of webinar from April 21, 2022. Participants were introduced to accessibility, its importance in their work, and ways they can make their documents and presentations accessible. …

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Where does PSU Websites Stand on Extra-Functional Property and Quality Characteristics

Accessibility of websites of the higher educational institutions in the US and EU countries are mandated and protected by the law. Many studies focus on these important requirements and report lack…

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What You Need to Know About Captions

University Libraries Training Session on 2/9/2022 on Captions.

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Universal Design for Learning: It's Just Good Design!

In the built environment, Universal Design enables each of us to gain unimpeded access to a particular place, regardless of our need for accommodation. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) applies a…

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Creating Accessible Microsoft Office Documents

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EGEE 401 Interview with Bob Barkanic

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College Students' Use and Acceptance of Emergency Online Learning Due to COVID-19: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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Accessibility in the Virtual Classroom

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Integrating Penn State Tools in Canvas for Better Teaching and Learning: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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Drupal Basic Training

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Accessibility Session 01-15-18.mp4

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