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M03-L01b: Implementing an Animal Hierarchy

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M03-L01a: Intro to Inheritance and Polymorphism

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Zoom Recording ID: 93696655755 UUID: 1jX2OPdBQBCpazeM7hQpYg== Meeting Time: 2022-02-01 01:10:33am

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2020 AUG 08 Beyond the zooxanthellae, exploring the diversity of coral associated microeukaryotes

Javier del Campo, University of Miami

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Dogs in the Classroom and on Campus

The presenters describe and compare the types of assistance and therapy dogs that individuals may encounter in the classroom and on campus. They also provide a brief overview of the regulations…

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2020 OCT 02 Quantifying the immediate response of the soil microbial community to different grazing intensities on irrigated pastures

Emily Bean, Penn State

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