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M01-L02a: Intro, Housekeeping, & Java Review

Zoom Recording ID: 98181071840 UUID: 4ivy7uDeSFObZl5NVyCfZg== Meeting Time: 2022-05-31 06:32:51pm

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Beating Writer's Block How to Write a Story Based on Real Life

I’ve been attempting to write a novel based on real events from my life for over a year now. And I was hit by writer’s block. For this project, I studied multiple writers, their works,…

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Autistic Traits, Alexithymia, and Facial Emotion Recognition of Human and Anime Faces

Data were collected on autistic traits, alexithymia (difficulty with feeling emotion), and facial emotion recognition (FER). The relationships were examined between autistic traits and alexithymia,…

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Module 2: Size of Goal - Participant

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