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Penn State GIS Day Afternoon Sessions: 5 Forces, 5 Trends, 5 Skills in GIS (Esri) (11/14/22)

What are the 5 forces acting to bring us to a key moment in spatial thinking and GIS? What are the 5 trends that are most important in GIS in the 2020s? What are the 5 most important skills to…

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M03-L04b: IPest

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M05-L02b: Generic Methods and Bounded Generics

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M04 - L02a: Design Patterns, Model View Controller, & Swing Overview

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M03-L01b: Implementing an Animal Hierarchy

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Creative Assessments that Positively Affect Learning Outcomes

Joshua Parcha and Lori Reno discuss and share examples of successful implementation of creative assessments in their courses and its benefits to students achieving learning objectives.Presented…

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Not Written in Stone: Adaptive Strategies to Encourage Student Participation

Students may be hesitant to participate when topics feel controversial or sensitive to them. In this session, faculty members share how they have adopted adaptive strategies that encourage discussion…

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Setting a Tone of Inclusivity

In order to ensure that we are teaching all of our students and not just the ones who are like us, it is critical that we learn about and account for their diverse backgrounds. In this session, you…

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Engaging Students in Hybrid Learning Classes

This session will share our ideas and experiences with the integration of online and physical audiences in hybrid classes utilizing tools such as Zoom and Nearpod, and we will discuss the challenges…

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M03-L01a: Intro to Inheritance and Polymorphism

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Helping Students Build a Positive Sense of Belonging

Faculty play a critical role in student support. In this session, the presenters will share several strategies to take advantage of their unique opportunities to interact their students, helping…

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Open Educational Resources (OER) as a Tool for Inclusivity

The cost of course materials greatly impacts our students and their opportunities for learning given their limited resources. This presentation will include the OER and Creative Commons as well as…

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Engaging Students with Real World Application of Learning in Business Courses

In this session, attendees will learn activities, strategies, and suggestions for strengthening student engagement with learning through real life application of concepts. The focus will be on…

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M02-L01a: Object-Oriented Programming Intro

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Zoom Recording ID: 93696655755 UUID: 1jX2OPdBQBCpazeM7hQpYg== Meeting Time: 2022-02-01 01:10:33am

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SP22 Instructor Day - Instructor Panel

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