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VAR Lab Intros - Faculty Version Shorter

Version 1.0

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CCID FA23: Optimizing Online Teaching: Strategies and Insights

This session will be focused on online teaching. The faculty presenters will share the teaching strategies they recommend for successfully teaching online. They will also recommend professional…

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CCID FA23: Teaching Shapes: What, Why, and How to Start One on Your Campus

Instructors are often isolated and left to meet the challenges of teaching alone. Teaching Shapes is a peer-to-peer, formative teaching observation program that encourages community building, idea…

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CCID FA23: Inclusive Teaching Meets Students Where They Are

In this session, we explore strategies that foster greater inclusion and belonging for students while enhancing learning through effective approaches to feedback. Drawing from experiences as biology,…

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VAR Lab Intros - Student Version

Version 3.2

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BA342: Week 1.1 - Course Introduction

Zoom Recording ID: 99546406243 UUID: qXPtVeJSRlWaG5qR/h+RxA== Meeting Time: 2023-01-05 08:44:38pmGMT

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Spring 2023 Instructor Day - Student Panel

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Spring 2023 Instructor Day - Faculty Panel

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L08c: Getting Started with Orange 02: Data Workflows

Direct YouTube video link: Creating a data analysis workflow in Orange data mining software. License: GNU GPL + CC Music by: Website:…

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Penn State GIS Day Afternoon Sessions: 5 Forces, 5 Trends, 5 Skills in GIS (Esri) (11/14/22)

What are the 5 forces acting to bring us to a key moment in spatial thinking and GIS? What are the 5 trends that are most important in GIS in the 2020s? What are the 5 most important skills to…

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M03-L04b: IPest

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M05-L02b: Generic Methods and Bounded Generics

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M04 - L02a: Design Patterns, Model View Controller, & Swing Overview

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M03-L01b: Implementing an Animal Hierarchy

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Creative Assessments that Positively Affect Learning Outcomes

Joshua Parcha and Lori Reno discuss and share examples of successful implementation of creative assessments in their courses and its benefits to students achieving learning objectives.Presented…

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Not Written in Stone: Adaptive Strategies to Encourage Student Participation

Students may be hesitant to participate when topics feel controversial or sensitive to them. In this session, faculty members share how they have adopted adaptive strategies that encourage discussion…

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