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2023 Mini-Medical School Webinar

Zoom Recording ID: 99209726519 UUID: bMzAkyJKQ/aFv39ZpuI4xw== Meeting Time: 2023-03-14 09:39:28pmGMT

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CHEM 130 - Nucleic Acids

At 2:38 Professor Herring said DNA when he really meant RNA (correctly stated in closed captions)

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CHEM 130 - Identifying Intermolecular Forces

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CHEM 130 - Hydrogen Bonding

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2020 MARCH 27 Keeping and changing the gut microbiome over our life-time: a study in children born preterm, artists, and adolescents

Justin O'Sullivan, University of Auckland

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Lunch & Learn Featuring Pat Roenigk Top 10 Tips for Planning a Gift to Penn State

Gift planning is an art that combines financial planning, estate planning, and tax planning techniques to enable donors to make gifts of surprising significance, often with dramatic tax and financial…

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Geri Cicchetti: Personal Selling

What is Personal Selling?

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