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Methodology to Track a Weather Balloon during a Solar Eclipse

MCREU 2023 Presentation

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Understanding on formation of tribopolymer under different ring structures and surfaces in an inert environment

MC REU 2023 Summer Research

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Sink or Swim: The Need to Adapt to Climate Change

Name: Katherine Eimer Campus Affiliation: Penn State Harrisburg Major: Civil Engineering, Environmental concentration Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2026 Advisors: Shirley Clark (Harrisburg),…

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Use of 360 Video in MMM Program

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L04: Agent Communication (IST 555)

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Penn State GIS Day Afternoon Career Panel Session (11/14/22)

Career panel as part of Penn State GIS Day.

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6.2 How Long Has UX Design Been Used

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Effective Group Integration/Team Based Projects: Best Practices

The presenters will share the formation of groups in diverse courses (one is capstone) and provide steps to help faculty from group formation, to assigning tasks, to individual and peer assessment,…

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Effect of NaOH on Bamboo Biocomposites

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Improved Testing Practices for Wing Designs of an Ornithopter

Co-Contributors: Ze Feng Gan and Dr. Rungun Nathan Modern aircraft are designed with maximum efficiency in mind, and over the past four decades major advancements in air travel have been used to…

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Thermoelectric Water Harvesting and Air-Cooling System

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Developing an Optimal Beam Analysis Calculator for Engineers

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Issuing a Single Badge in Credly

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EarthTalks 2021-10-18: Victor McCrary

Zoom Recording ID: 767635597 UUID: nYxzRG/gTvuq05YOnWw7Jg== Meeting Time: 2021-10-18 11:34:37pm

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Faculty to Faculty: Tried and True Teaching Strategies [Mechanical Engineering]

About this video series:Faculty to Faculty is a video series created as a collaboration between The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence and Penn State faculty. In these short videos, we asked…

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A Comparison Study and Optimization of Input Parameters for Thermal Conductivity Testing of Concrete

Past studies on thermal conductivity of concrete use these three types of methods which include the two linear parallel probe (TLPP), plane heat source (PHS), and hot guarded plate (HGP) (Asadi et…

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