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It's Our Thing! Black Arts Festival

Members of the Penn State Black Student Union organized a Black Arts Festival in May of 1969. The purpose of the festival was to educate whites about Black culture and to strengthen the pride and…

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KTP Car-Box

Everyone knows the feeling when you go to turn on your car and the "check engine" light flashes on. Naturally, this happens right before your big road trip. You wonder what the problem…

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Archaeoastronomy in Ancient Civilizations

How did ancient civilizations across the world perceive astronomy? This presentation includes how different civilizations used astronomy in their daily lives and how it impacted beliefs,…

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Mixed Spaces and Mixed Faces

This project focuses on the importance of identifying the biracial race and becoming aware of the struggles these individuals face. Biracial identity, like all identities, is evolving daily, and…

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Visualizing the Virus: See the spread of COVID-19 (from a safe distance)

Using data on the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. from the Centers for Disease Control and ideas from calculus, we propose a way to visualize the spread of COVID-19 that emphasizes when new cases…

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Hosted SAP Classroom Support

We're presenting a hosted SAP ERP solution for classroom support relevant to business, technology, and healthcare fields. This solution provides free access to SAP products that inform and…

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Nurse Engagement in Acute Care

This study focuses on nurse engagement in the acute care setting. Nurse engagement is defined as a persistent, positive state of fulfillment experienced by nurses at work. Engagement is a rising…

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The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Attachment and Substance Abuse in Sexual and Gender Minority Emerging Adults

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have been linked to a number of health disparities including deficits in regulating emotions, sensitivity to stress, and substance use. Sexual and gender…

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The Cooling of Cakes by Newton's Law

Newton’s Law of Cooling is based on the equation dT/dt=k(M-To), where To is the temperature of the cake, dT is the change in the temperature of the cake, dt is the change in time, k is a…

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A Content Analysis on the Psychological Impacts of School Shootings: Current Themes and Directions for Future Research

The presented study is a content analysis of 29 articles related to school shootings. An analysis of the data suggests that slightly more articles were nonempirical rather than empirical, there were…

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Understanding Service Animals

It is not uncommon today to see those with disabilities with a service animal. Unfortunately, the public has a poor understanding on the care and benefits those animals can provide. In this…

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Alternative Pain Relief

Adult Critical Care units are used to using opioids to relieve patient’s pain. This study is conducted to find if in adult critical care patient’salternative therapies would reduce the…

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Dr. Doncheski Academic Festival Message

An Academic Festival message from Director of Academic Affairs, Dr. Doncheski.

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Effects of Waterbirth

Waterbirth is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and women value the opportunity to have a choice in their birthing method. The purpose of this research is to evaluate how…

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Reducing Readmission Rates

The overall purpose of this research study is to reduce hospital readmission rates and increase patient satisfaction through education throughout the hospital stay. In the hospital setting, how…

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Message from Dr. Achampong

An Academic Festival Message from Chancellor Dr. Achampong.

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