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Developing an Optimal Beam Analysis Calculator for Engineers

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A Comparison Study and Optimization of Input Parameters for Thermal Conductivity Testing of Concrete

Past studies on thermal conductivity of concrete use these three types of methods which include the two linear parallel probe (TLPP), plane heat source (PHS), and hot guarded plate (HGP) (Asadi et…

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What are the surface water withdrawal infrastructures at risk of saltwater intrusion in the Chesapeake Bay?

This is a summary of our investigation in identifying and characterizing surface water withdrawal infrastructures in the Chesapeake Bay (all water use in Maryland and drinking water in Virginia) that…

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Impact of Polymer Mass on the Fundamental Breathing Mode Frequency of SiO2@Au Core-Shell Nanoparticles in H2O

Here, we aim to study the impact of polymer mass on the fundamental breathing-mode frequency of SiO2@Au core-shell nanoparticles (CS-NPs) suspended in water. The tunable absorption and scattering…

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Mineralogical Characterization of Lithospheric Mantle Xenoliths from Katwe-Kikorongo, Uganda

*Captions are available!*Plate tectonics has shaped the face of the Earth throughout its history. Continental rifting and assembly drive the formation of oceans and the configuration of continents on…

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Autonomous Light-Seeking Robotic System Inspired by Dynamic Insect Vision

For a better view of my poster while you watch, open this link: return to my MCREU project page and submit an…

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Literature Review of How Printing Parameters Can Influence Properties of 3D Printed Lower Extremity Prosthetic Sockets

2020 MC REU Literature review regarding the application of 3D printing in the manufacturing of lower extremity prosthetic sockets.

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The Application of Support Vector Machine in Eye Diagram Analysis

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MCREU2020 Immersive VR System with Realistic Motion

Submission for the 2020 MC-REU Symposium.

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Determination of Natural Frequencies for Multi-Layered Printed Circuit Boards using FEA Simulation

REU Research Project

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