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L07d: Title TBD

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L08e: Getting Started with Orange 04: Loading Your Data

Direct YouTube video link: Loading your data in Orange from Google sheets or Excel. License: GNU GPL + CC Music by: Website:…

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L01h: Dimensions and Measures (IST 868)

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Resource Planning with Microsoft Project

Direct YouTube link: In this video viewers will learn how to create Work, Cost and Material resources within Microsoft Project. They will learn various methods of…

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L01g: Examining Sub-Data (IST 868)

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M05-L01b: Using the Collections Framework

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M01-L03b-Debugging Example

Zoom Recording ID: 92948326872 UUID: yuiRYDi/R1O5HEvmGu3agg== Meeting Time: 2022-06-06 09:57:42pm

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M01-L02d: Methods

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M01-L02c: Arrays and ArrayLists

Zoom Recording ID: 92132200003 UUID: KFolQom8S3yt4lU01HUdvw== Meeting Time: 2022-06-01 06:51:00pm

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Bulk Issuing Badges in Credly

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DIVERSITY WEEK 2022: Names Matter: Pronunciation of Indian Names, with Ritu Jayakar

Zoom Recording ID: 93511023362 UUID: 0Se71XF4SDeaOi/XPqZOeg== Meeting Time: 2022-05-18 01:45:09pm Description: In this session attendees will learn how to recognize and pronounce names of Indian…

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AFR 110N Countries Tutorial

This tutorial walks instructors through the process of randomizing student names, assigning countries and posting the assignments in Canvas for the AFR 110N Countries project.

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Wellness Through Games and Improv

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