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Fulfillment Operations Management (OV-FOM-8) Program (1/9-1/11) - Sessions 1 & 2

Zoom Recording ID: 99299394896 UUID: zMzGe6qPTjOjNJxL13tV9Q== Meeting Time: 2024-01-09 12:34:51pmGMT

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M06a: Project Schedule Management (IST 302)

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L13: EA and Contemporary Technology (EA 871)

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L09: Artificial Intelligence part II (IST 555)

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DA 101 - Mark Whitaker Part 1 Q1

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What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine aims to collect, connect, and apply vast amounts of data and information about our health to help guide more precise and predictive medicine worldwide. Learn more at…

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3.5: How can we share mHealth data?

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Make an Appointment in Starfish

A walkthrough for students on making appointments in Starfish, as well as how to update or cancel existing appointments and troubleshoot problems with scheduling. See also: Starfish:…

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Tour of the Starfish Student View: My Success Network, Dashboard, and Profile

Find out what Starfish looks like for students and what key features are available with a tour of the student view of Starfish.

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Digital Preservation | Digital Curation Community of Practice

Nathan Tallman presents on Digital Preservation at the University Libraries Digital Curation Community of Practice kickoff event on 21 September 2021.

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SRA 221 Lecture 7 Section 2

Zoom Recording ID: 94689661226 UUID: e8Rj2f0LTraPmBWqA1EUkQ== Meeting Time: 2021-05-13T18:57:29Z

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2020 OCT 23 From the biodiversity to the functionality of the common bean microbiome

Nejc Stopnisek, Ph.D., Michigan State University

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CDISC - Controlled Terminology Lineage Visualization

Our project is to develop a web-based visualization that displays the life-cycle of a code list or term from a medical research terminology dictionary. This video details the background of the…

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Job and Internship Strategies Workshop

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MANGT 510 Scheduling and Resource Management

MANGT 510 Lesson 5 Scheduling and Resource Management

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L01a: AnyLogic Walkthrough (IST 555)

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