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GenAI - Was the activity assessed?

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Leading with Analytics (OV-LWA-7) Program (9/25-9/27)

Zoom Recording ID: 93828192671 UUID: KPnw0HUoRjaYfs/mLjJnPw== Meeting Time: 2023-09-26 11:58:34amGMT

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L09: Developing an Architecture Transition Roadmap (EA 871)

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M08a: Project Quality Management (IST 302)

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L05 - Components and Artifacts (EA 871)

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L10: EA Governance Practices (EA 871)

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The 13 Types of Displays That Are All (Unfortunately) Called Dashboards

Source YouTube link: Is it O.K. to put filters on dashboards? Should all dashboards “tell a story”? Does everything need to fit on one screen? Experts have…

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2.3: What are Other Informal Ways to Track Health?

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M06-L01a: Introduction to Big-O Notation

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M05-L01a: Introduction to the Java Collections Framework

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Where does PSU Websites Stand on Extra-Functional Property and Quality Characteristics

Accessibility of websites of the higher educational institutions in the US and EU countries are mandated and protected by the law. Many studies focus on these important requirements and report…

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Developing Asynchronous Assignments and Resources

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Introduction to Copyright: Rights of Copyright Holders (part 2 of 4)

In this video, the second of four, Ana Enriquez describes the rights of copyright holders, including reproduction, preparation of derivative works, distribution to the public, public performance, and…

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Coffee with Craig Featuring Krista Wilkinson

Join Craig Newschaffer, the Raymond E. and Erin Stuart Schultz Dean of HHD, for a conversation with Krista Wilkinson, professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Krista studies early…

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Copyright and Creative Commons: How to Find and Use Resources: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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FIN 420 - Morningstar

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