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L08h: Getting Started with Orange 07: Model Evaluation and Scoring

Direct YouTube video link: Evaluating classifiers on iris data set and visualizing misclassifications. License: GNU GPL + CC Music by:…

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ACCTG 802 Module 8: Forward Triangular Merger Requirements

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Optimizing Aziridination of Alkenes to Develop an Instruction-Friendly Experiment

The aziridine ring is a versatile building block for organic synthesis. Many biologically active compounds such as amino acids, beta-lactam antibiotics, and alkaloids have been derived from…

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Faculty to Faculty: Tried & True Teaching Strategies [Chemistry]

Faculty to Faculty is a video series created as a collaboration between The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence and Penn State faculty. In these short videos, we asked faculty to share their…

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Instruction, Universal Masking, and PPE Recommendations: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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Lesson 4.4. Lesson 4 review

PHS 520

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Lesson 5.3. Lesson 5 review

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Lesson 5.1. NP test for Paired Samples a

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ACCT 504 Analytical Procedures

Analytical Procedures

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