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Advising Seminar: Using Elevate for Academic Advising

Presenter(s): Brian Petrosky, Academic Adviser, Division of Undergraduate Studies; Dr. Ben Hellar, Research and Development Engineer, Teaching and Learning with Technology; Hannah Williams, Project…

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Setting a Tone of Inclusivity

In order to ensure that we are teaching all of our students and not just the ones who are like us, it is critical that we learn about and account for their diverse backgrounds. In this session, you…

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Bulk Issuing Badges in Credly

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Issuing a Single Badge in Credly

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Tour of the Starfish Student View: My Success Network, Dashboard, and Profile

Find out what Starfish looks like for students and what key features are available with a tour of the student view of Starfish.

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Linkedin Learning- an Introduction

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Jeff Stempka - Customer Profile

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Stephanie M. Blackman: Customer Insights

Online Retail Owner: Insights about Customers

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Navigating a Virtual Career Fair

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