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DA 101 Katie Russo Part 1 Q5.mp4

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MotionSavvy's New Sign Language App

Direct YouTube source link: MotionSavvy, the San Francisco startup working on tech to help the deaf communicate, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to commercialize its…

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12.2 Why is There a Push for EHRs Now?

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9.6 How do you design mid-fidelity prototypes using Marvel_

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9.2: How do we prototype in design thinking?

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L01b: Syllabus and Expectations (IST 868)

Zoom Recording ID: 96050998586 UUID: M0E0QIvySnyzwS5VV1iDKg== Meeting Time: 2022-08-09 06:05:13pm

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COM Record Appointment Notes in Starfish

Instructions on how to record appointment notes for the College of Medicine.

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CHEM 130: Atomic Structure

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Manage Course-Based Flags in Starfish

Use the tracking tab and the assign function to manage outreach to students with course-based flags, follow up with students, and clear flags. Read step-by-step instructions for managing…

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Research Data | Digital Curation Community of Practice

Hannah Hadley presents on Research Data to the University Libraries Digital Curation Community of Practice on 21 September 2021.

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Intro - Q&A: Screening of the film 'The Skin You’re In' followed by live Q&A with producer Thomas LaVeist

This first lecture in this installment of the Dean’s Lecture Series: The Impact of Structural Racism and Racial Discrimination on Health, Wellness, and Well-Being featured a special screening…

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Jenna Devinney: Data Technology Marketing

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FIN 430 Disinheritance

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FIN 430 Module 1 Disinheritance

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