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Oral history interview with Vera Glaser (1916-2008)

About the interview : Vera Glaser posed a question to a newly elected President Nixon in a February 1969 news conference that was the catalyst for the A Few Good Women project. She asked the…

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BA 342 Week 12.2 FA23

Zoom Recording ID: 95543275675 UUID: fSGmeBu1R6+rSWHiQ3Gy2Q== Meeting Time: 2023-11-01 05:03:42pmGMT

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4.5: Physical Limitations

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4.2: Visual Impairments

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Thomas W. Benson oral history interview, 2010 October 25 (part 2)

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I Have Schizophrenia.mp4

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CSD Graduate School Selection Workshop hosted by NSSLHA - 3/10/21

Whether you are starting to consider where to apply or about to graduate and choosing which offer to accept, this panel presentation will walk you through how to choose the graduate program that is…

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Module 2: Communication Part 1 - Natural Supporter

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Coffee with Craig Featuring Krista Wilkinson

Join Craig Newschaffer, the Raymond E. and Erin Stuart Schultz Dean of HHD, for a conversation with Krista Wilkinson, professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Krista studies early…

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Faculty Research Spotlight featuring Janice Light

Communication is essential to everything we do: education, employment, healthcare, and, most importantly, our relationships with others. Yet more than 5 million Americans—and 97 million people…

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CSD Sophomore Major Meeting - 9/8/2020

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CSD Junior Major Meeting - 9/2/2020

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