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Turing Machines Explained - Computerphile

Direct YouTube Video Link: Turing Machines are the basis of modern computing, but what actually is a Turing Machine? Assistant Professor Mark Jago explains. Turing…

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CHEM 130 - Strength of Acids and Bases

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CHEM 130 - How to Evaluate Factors Affecting Dispersion Forces

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CHEM 130 - Overview of Various Intermolecular Forces

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CHEM 110 - Chapter 6.5-6 Multiple Bonds and Polyatomic Ions (see note for error at 14:33!)

Known error! At about 14:33 in the video, I mistakenly call PF5 phosphorus pentoxide. It is really phosphorus pentafluoride. Multiple bonds:0:00-6:34 Practice problems: 6:35-11:37 Polyatomic Ions:…

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