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A Proposed Solution to Discomfort and Disability Glare from Oncoming Traffic During Nighttime Driving

As drivers from across demographics may be temporarily blinded by LED headlights during nighttime driving, this study hopes to research possible solutions to increase the driver’s visibility…

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Fluid Transport in Earth's Mantle: Insights into the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (MC REU 2022)

*CAPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE!*The organic and inorganic cycling of volatiles both drive and reflect plate tectonics, the paradigm whereby Earth’s outer brittle shell is made of rigid units that…

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A Study on the Feasibility of Bike Share Systems and Neighborhood Accessibility of the PSU Harrisburg Community

Bikeshare is a sustainable mode of transportation that has become more prevalent and more significant in cities as the effects of climate change are being felt. The Greater Harrisburg Tri-County…

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