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Kaltura: An Introduction for Canvas Users Clean Recording

Recorded 4/18/2023. May not reflect the most recent updates to Kaltura. This demonstration session is intended for faculty wanting to explore Kaltura’s key features and capabilities, including…

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Improve Student Engagement With Video Quizzes

Students are increasingly looking for video in their classes, and instructors are increasingly looking for ways to encourage their students to watch their videos. As part of the LTR's…

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Faculty to Faculty: Tried & True Teaching Strategies [Information Sciences & Technology]

Faculty to Faculty is a video series created as a collaboration between The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence and Penn State faculty. In these short videos, we asked faculty to share their…

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Creativity is a remix | Kirby Ferguson

Nothing is original, says Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix. From Bob Dylan to Steve Jobs, he says our most celebrated creators both borrow, steal and transform. TEDTalks is a…

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Drew Curtis: How I beat a patent troll Drew Curtis, the founder of, tells the story of how he fought a lawsuit from a company that had a patent, "...for the creation and distribution of news releases via…

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Patent Basics (2) - The File History

Inventors statements when applying for a patent, can impact the interpretation of the patent later. A "file history estoppel" example is explained.

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