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BA 342 Week 3.2 FA23

Zoom Recording ID: 99190000338 UUID: MCANYldVR0KZEgdeDVLiig== Meeting Time: 2023-08-30 05:18:18pmGMT

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CCID FA23: Optimizing Online Teaching: Strategies and Insights

This session will be focused on online teaching. The faculty presenters will share the teaching strategies they recommend for successfully teaching online. They will also recommend professional…

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CCID FA23: Enhancing the Learning Experience: Real-World Strategies for Engagement and Assessment

Are you looking for new ways to create meaningful learning experiences? Join us to hear how experts from across the commonwealth campuses are using innovative real-world strategies to engage and…

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CCID FA23: AI-Powered Tools in Education: Creating Course Content and Empowering Students

Discover how faculty can leverage AI-powered tools and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create engaging, effective course content and provide students with the knowledge and skills to harness the…

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CCID FA23: Teaching Shapes: What, Why, and How to Start One on Your Campus

Instructors are often isolated and left to meet the challenges of teaching alone. Teaching Shapes is a peer-to-peer, formative teaching observation program that encourages community building, idea…

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CCID FA23: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration: Strategies for Successful Student Group Work

Group work can be both challenging and rewarding for students. In this session, three faculty members from the disciplines of sociology, engineering, and mathematics will discuss how they have…

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CCID FA23: Student Engagement with Top Hat and Poll Everywhere

In this session, faculty colleagues will discuss their use of 2 student response systems: Top Hat and Poll Everywhere. Dr. Yang will discuss her uses of Top Hat for class polling, student…

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CCID FA23: Inclusive Teaching Meets Students Where They Are

In this session, we explore strategies that foster greater inclusion and belonging for students while enhancing learning through effective approaches to feedback. Drawing from experiences as biology,…

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CCID FA23: Strategies for Incorporating Immersive Technologies

Using virtual reality (VR) in the classroom can be engaging and effective for student learning, and the preparation can be easier than expected! Join Stefani and Joie to learn about their experiences…

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Split Screen

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The One Health Microbiome Center at Penn State

We are excited to announce our renaming to the One Health Microbiome Center (OHMC). The Center’s membership has increased to more than 500 members, including 115 faculty from multiple Penn…

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M02d: Introduction to Weekly Standup Meetings (IST 302)

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BA 342: Week 16.1 - Putting it All Together

Zoom Recording ID: 97698699247 UUID: sIjdmjtISrKG3890MxxA+Q== Meeting Time: 2023-04-27 02:57:52pmGMT

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BA 342: Module #2 Exam Guide

Zoom Recording ID: 97698699247 UUID: AD5XvKVlTVqRL2/d4CS0DQ== Meeting Time: 2023-03-23 02:59:29pmGMT

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BA 342: Case Study 3 Instructions Video

Zoom Recording ID: 92614741532 UUID: DLYSja5BR0W7gKeJwAWfbA== Meeting Time: 2023-03-22 02:28:38pmGMT

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Online Learning Design Overview

An overview of the principles and process of creating online learning modules

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