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WeWalk App Gets An Update

The WeWalk smart cane companion app has just gotten an update. With it comes a redesign of the user interface and a multimodal transportation feature. Fully accessible, the app allows you to search…

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M04 - L02c: Adding Input Validation Logic and Finishing the Application

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NURS Success Plan Instructions for ASC

For Nese College of Nursing Academic Success Coaches. Step-by-step instructions for responding to referrals for Academic Success Coaching and assigning Academic Success Plans. Key topics: Timestamp…

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M04 - L02b: Example Application using MVC with Swing

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M01-L03b-Debugging Example

Zoom Recording ID: 92948326872 UUID: yuiRYDi/R1O5HEvmGu3agg== Meeting Time: 2022-06-06 09:57:42pm

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Canvas_Building Content

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Raising the NURS referral

How to refer a student to Nursing Academic Success Coaching through Starfish

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Manage Course-Based Flags in Starfish

Use the tracking tab and the assign function to manage outreach to students with course-based flags, follow up with students, and clear flags. Read step-by-step instructions for managing…

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Tour of the Starfish Student View: My Success Network, Dashboard, and Profile

Find out what Starfish looks like for students and what key features are available with a tour of the student view of Starfish.

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Get items not available at the Harrell library

Video demonstrates how to request items that are not available at the Harrell Health Sciences Library through the Interlibrary Loan service.

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Log In and Access: Working Collaboratively with Office 365 and Google Workspace at Penn State

Participant Guide (Resources) office365.psu.edugoogle.psu.eduWorking Collaboratively with Office 365 and Google Workspace Video Series:Log In and Access Productivity Applications Storage Applications…

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Zoom: PreAssigned Breakout Rooms

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Zoom: Creating and Hosting Webinars

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Linkedin Learning- an Introduction

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