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2021 OCT 29 Emily van Syoc MC workshop

Emily van Syoc, Penn State

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Digital Humanities | Digital Curation Community of Practice Kickoff Event

John Russel and Heather Froehlich present on Digital Humanities at the University Libraries' Digital Curation Community of Practice kickoff on 21 September 2021.

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SIMBA Short: Creating a Standard Free Text Shopping Cart

This demonstration provides basic and complex free-text item purchasing using the standard shopping cart function and screens. Please Note: There is audio narration for the demonstration and closed…

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HTML Intro Workshop Recording

Recording of Intro to HTML workshop

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Using Pages in Canvas Februrary 2021

Zoom Recording ID: 91710881863 UUID: sHxKwHJfQMGV6agePpq8VA== Meeting Time: 2021-02-10T16:55:09Z

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Poster Discussion - Quiz - ME 440

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Kaltura Editing and Quizzing September 2020

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Effective writing - Quiz - ME 440

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Accessibility in the Virtual Classroom

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Whiteboard Applications

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University Libraries Ask a Librarian

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Go with the Flow: Step-by-Step OAER Guidance: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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Search PubMed Like an Expert: Using Filters and Finding Full Text

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Tutorial 1: Video-d

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Searching PubMed Like an Expert: PubMed - Why It's Part of the Medical Curriculum

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Geospatial Online: ArcGIS Online

Workshop on ArcGIS Online and additional geospatial resource available. Workshop from 9/26/19 held in 211A Pattee Library.

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