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Symposium 2024 Anthology Ally Bonus Video

This 15 minute video introduces instructors to the Anthology Ally toolset for students and instructors.

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Whiteboards Workshop

Zoom Recording ID: 96822291418 UUID: skPBkVFiT/2VKnHHBAPsLQ== Meeting Time: 2023-12-07 05:48:10pmGMT

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Advising Seminar: Using Elevate for Academic Advising

Presenter(s): Brian Petrosky, Academic Adviser, Division of Undergraduate Studies; Dr. Ben Hellar, Research and Development Engineer, Teaching and Learning with Technology; Hannah Williams, Project…

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BA 342 Sustainability Project Part 2 Instructions FA23

Zoom Recording ID: 94238576653 UUID: q94YHB5dS0ugogllZ4HA/Q== Meeting Time: 2023-09-27 07:34:51pmGMT

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BA 342 Sustainability Project Part 1 Instructions FA23

Zoom Recording ID: 95997989131 UUID: frtUzK1DRMKfu3tmOAUI/g== Meeting Time: 2023-09-27 07:14:25pmGMT

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BA 342 Case Study 2 Instructions FA23

Zoom Recording ID: 97791273743 UUID: gjZExQxuTemaOlh6m3rkCg== Meeting Time: 2023-09-27 07:03:27pmGMT

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SRA 365 - Lesson 04 - R Tutorial II - Visualizing Data with R

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BA 342 Week 1.1 FA23

Zoom Recording ID: 98238496382 UUID: 0ZbuUmbbQbS5pDUZMQfYqg== Meeting Time: 2023-08-16 05:13:42pmGMT

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CCID FA23: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration: Strategies for Successful Student Group Work

Group work can be both challenging and rewarding for students. In this session, three faculty members from the disciplines of sociology, engineering, and mathematics will discuss how they have…

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CCID FA23: Inclusive Teaching Meets Students Where They Are

In this session, we explore strategies that foster greater inclusion and belonging for students while enhancing learning through effective approaches to feedback. Drawing from experiences as biology,…

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Using Media Gallery to Curate Videos in Canvas

Zoom Recording ID: 5572320891 UUID: QfY0LUBlSuKPGT/PiaNYww== Meeting Time: 2023-08-02 02:06:31pmGMT

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Taking Pictures

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Split Screen

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M06b: Sprint 03 (IST 302)

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TOP - Online Synchronous Interview

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Kaltura: Teaching with Kaltura in Canvas Clean Recording

Recorded 5/1/2023. May not reflect the most recent updates to Kaltura. This demonstration session is intended for faculty, instructional staff, and teaching assistants wanting to innovate teaching…

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