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The 13 Types of Displays That Are All (Unfortunately) Called Dashboards

Source YouTube link: Is it O.K. to put filters on dashboards? Should all dashboards “tell a story”? Does everything need to fit on one screen? Experts have…

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L09: Part B: Scenario of dashboard design

Zoom Recording ID: 96050998586 UUID: fKY0r7RsTguJuV9CHd6Z3g== Meeting Time: 2022-12-01 05:35:26pmGMT

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Penn State GIS Day Afternoon Sessions: 5 Forces, 5 Trends, 5 Skills in GIS (Esri) (11/14/22)

What are the 5 forces acting to bring us to a key moment in spatial thinking and GIS? What are the 5 trends that are most important in GIS in the 2020s? What are the 5 most important skills to…

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L01a: Introduction to Visual Analytics (IST 868)

Zoom Recording ID: 96050998586 UUID: Gqd6vCq7SWy6h4yBwo6PXg== Meeting Time: 2022-08-09 02:13:49pm

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Bulk Issuing Badges in Credly

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Issuing a Single Badge in Credly

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IIQ - Submitting a Request to Add Access

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Merging Courses in Canvas Tutorial

This video will walk you through merging cross-listed, DLC, or other multi-campus enrollment courses in Canvas. If you are teaching one class that has been broken up into several Canvas shells, you…

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Tour of the Starfish Student View: My Success Network, Dashboard, and Profile

Find out what Starfish looks like for students and what key features are available with a tour of the student view of Starfish.

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Flix2You Overview

An overview for the Flix2You project.

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Low Code Review

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Restoring Archived Canvas Courses

This short video will demonstrate how to restore a Canvas course that has been archived.

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Canvas: An Introduction

Are you looking for a basic overview of Canvas (Penn State’s Learning Management System)? This demonstration session will introduce you to the fundamentals of Canvas at Penn State. You will…

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SIMBA Snip-it: Cost Objects Dashboard Overview

Topics Include: Run the Cost Objects Dashboard

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Reading and Interpreting the COVID-19 Dashboard

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Using iTwo to Access Your Students’ Intentions to Return to Campus: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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