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HIST124 Tuesday 1/31/23

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L09: Artificial Intelligence part II (IST 555)

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12.3 What do Current HIT Systems Look Like?

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9.5 How do you design mid-fidelity prototypes using PowerPoint_

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4.6: Cognitive Limitations

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Adobe Express Overview

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Microscopic Imaging Analysis

Monolayer molybdenum disulfide is a unique semiconductor that can be utilized for microelectronics and optoelectronic devices. However the quality of these devices highly depends on the quality…

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Chapter 10 - Amino acids and chirality

Continued exploration of amino acids, specifically into the chirality of amino acids.

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Copyright and Creative Commons: How to Find and Use Resources: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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Faculty to Faculty: What Works in Remote Teaching? [Nursing]

Faculty to Faculty is a video series created as a collaboration between The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence and Penn State faculty. In these short videos, we asked faculty to share their…

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