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SP22 Instructor Day - Instructor Panel

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CC: Reducing the Temptation to Cheat

The high stakes exam fosters a strong temptation to cheat. Rather than focus on policing that exam, consider changing your approach to assessment. In this session, faculty share their approaches to…

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Academic Integrity from the Start

Looking for ideas and tools to foster academic integrity throughout the semester? In this session, we will discuss a variety of technology tools and ideas to take the academic integrity discussion…

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Faculty to Faculty: Tried & True Teaching Strategies [Rehabilitation & Human Services]

Faculty to Faculty is a video series created as a collaboration between The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence and Penn State faculty. In these short videos, we asked faculty to share their…

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Student Success with Integrity

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Academic Integrity Violation Example: Copying

This is a story of one student copying off another student. Both students committed an Academic Integrity Violation. See how in the video.

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Why is Academic Integrity Important at Penn State?

Penn State students give their opinions about why academic integrity matters. Share your reasons for supporting Academic Integrity. Add your voice to the student chorus that helps to defines our…

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Academic Integrity: Instructional Strategies for Promoting Honest Efforts: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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Student Sucess with Integrity: Keep Teaching Webinar Series

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ACCT 504 - The Client Acceptance Decision

The Client Acceptance Decision

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