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What You Need to Know About Captions

University Libraries Training Session on 2/9/2022 on Captions.

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Manually Downloading and Publishing Course Recordings

This video will walk you through how to publish your course recordings in the Course Media Gallery if they fail to process in Kaltura. The process includes downloading the recording from Zoom, and…

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Kaltura MediaSpace: Collaboration and Channels

During this session, participants will learn about their options for uploading and sharing media, and collaborating on media or media collections within Penn State’s Media management and…

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Continuity of Instruction: Course Liaison Meetings

Zoom Recording ID: 148619086 UUID: WJBecAJeS36mFatCKSwImA== Meeting Time: 2021-04-20T16:45:13Z

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Kaltura Screen Recording Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use the functions of the Kaltura Screen Recorder tool to capture and record your presentation, collaborate with others, make edits to the video, and publish to a…

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Teaching with Kaltura in Canvas

Innovate your teaching by integrating Kaltura media and tools into your courses. Integrating the Kaltura learning tools allows students and instructors to create and share media content within…

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Using Video to Recover Lost Class Time

Regardless of the reason, it is important to have a plan for recovering lost class time. With Canvas, Kaltura and Zoom, you can keep students engaged and accountable for missed material. In this…

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Kaltura: How to Create New Media with Kaltura Capture

In this short video, you'll learn the basics of using Kaltura Capture, Kaltura's screen and video capture tool, to create videos. Kaltura Capture is also available from the Add New menu in…

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Introduction to Kaltura

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Kaltura Posting to Canvas Discussion Forum (PSU)

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