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Forecasting and Inventory Management (OV-FIM-13) Program (1/16-1/8)

Zoom Recording ID: 96097561952 UUID: 5k+UUapFSEqgtu2SKOOn4A== Meeting Time: 2024-01-17 12:43:00pmGMT

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L02b: Guest Lecture, Scott Bernard: The Value and Risk of Holistic Enterprise Architecture (EA 871)

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Causes and consequences of gut microbiome variation | Federico Rey, PhD, UW-Madison

Dr. Federico Rey talks about gut microbiome diversity and the impact of microbial community differences. Penn State’s Microbiome Center optimizes, accelerates, and disseminates long-lasting…

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BA342: Week 3.1 - Ethical Decision-Making

Zoom Recording ID: 99830916186 UUID: IeHGKkGATTuRREXT1PAT0Q== Meeting Time: 2023-01-12 12:16:26amGMT

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Joyce Lee, MD: Design Thinking Inside Out - Doctor as Designer

Direct YouTube Link: Dr. Joyce Lee discusses how she applies design thinking in her work as a doctor, and how other doctors can benefit from such a manner of thinking.…

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9.2: How do we prototype in design thinking?

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8.5: How do we ideate using Gamification?

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TOP: Promotional Video

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Microscopic Imaging Analysis

Monolayer molybdenum disulfide is a unique semiconductor that can be utilized for microelectronics and optoelectronic devices. However the quality of these devices highly depends on the quality…

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L07b: EA Part B (IST 301)

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MATSE 400 Lesson 24 P 2

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2020 APRIL 17 Resistant starch and the gut microbiome: the path from fiber to butyrate

Darrell Cockburn Assistant Professor Penn State

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2020 OCT 02 Countering antibiotic resistance through second messenger signals

Yasha Duggal, Penn State

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Coronavirus - Responses from Penn State’s Hospitality and Tourism Fields

You will hear from faculty who have been focusing some of their research on the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the restaurant and food services, as well as the travel and tourism…

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