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Advising Seminar: Using Elevate for Academic Advising

Presenter(s): Brian Petrosky, Academic Adviser, Division of Undergraduate Studies; Dr. Ben Hellar, Research and Development Engineer, Teaching and Learning with Technology; Hannah Williams, Project…

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CCID FA23: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration: Strategies for Successful Student Group Work

Group work can be both challenging and rewarding for students. In this session, three faculty members from the disciplines of sociology, engineering, and mathematics will discuss how they have…

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CCID FA23: Student Engagement with Top Hat and Poll Everywhere

In this session, faculty colleagues will discuss their use of 2 student response systems: Top Hat and Poll Everywhere. Dr. Yang will discuss her uses of Top Hat for class polling, student…

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Using Movement to Encourage Engagement in Problem Solving in Chemistry and Mathematics

This session will introduce collaborative group work that required students to get out of their seats and participate in problem-solving activities.Presented By:Mary Ann Smith – Lecturer,…

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Not Written in Stone: Adaptive Strategies to Encourage Student Participation

Students may be hesitant to participate when topics feel controversial or sensitive to them. In this session, faculty members share how they have adopted adaptive strategies that encourage discussion…

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Tools to Facilitate STEM-based Assessments

This session will explore solutions allowing students to receive helpful feedback to homework, quizzes, and exams while minimizing academic dishonesty by looking at 2 tools: MyOpenMath and…

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Implementing Alternative Grading in Math Courses

What can a grade convey? In our classes, we track student proficiency in each course learning objective and allow students multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of each objective.…

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Open and Affordable Teaching and Collaboration – Two Examples

Date: Thursday, August 12, 2021 Time: 11:00 AMThis session will present two faculty approaches to working with open and affordable educational materials. Half of the session will focus on potential…

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Helping Students Succeed with Embedded Tutors and Learning Assistants

Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2021 Time: 1:00 PMWe have been using an Embedded Tutor/Learning Assistant enabled classroom. These programs have increased student understanding by enabling them to…

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PSL-GSG MATH 141E - Coltrane (Spring 2021 Week 13)

Zoom Recording ID: 96100107941 UUID: Q+42rzZtT/aZOVamKZPt5Q== Meeting Time: 2021-04-13T22:36:50Z

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PSL-GSG MATH 140B - Amanda (Fall 2020 Week 16 Exam Review)

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PSL-GSG MATH 140B - Amanda (Fall 2020 Week 16)

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PSL-GSG MATH 140B - Amanda (Fall 2020 Week 15)

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PSL-GSG MATH 140B - Amanda (Fall 2020 Week 13)

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