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Oral history interview with Bret Sturtevant (1921-2008)

About the interview : Bret Sturtevant recounts her family life and schooling in Washington, D.C. at Holton-Arms School and then at Wellesley College, where she graduated in 1942. As chemistry…

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Taking Pictures

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M02d: Introduction to Weekly Standup Meetings (IST 302)

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M06a: Project Schedule Management (IST 302)

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M10a: Project Communications Management (IST 302)

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Agile Project Management: Scrum & Sprint Demystified

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ID2ID Kickoff Meeting 7-18-22

The ID2ID Kickoff Meeting that took place at the Penn State Learning Design Summer Camp on 7-18-22

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COM Record Appointment Notes in Starfish

Instructions on how to record appointment notes for the College of Medicine.

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Make an Appointment in Starfish

A walkthrough for students on making appointments in Starfish, as well as how to update or cancel existing appointments and troubleshoot problems with scheduling. See also: Starfish:…

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FBCP & BOT Special Meeting Jan 20, 2022

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Committee on Audit & Risk Dec 3 2021

Penn State Board of Trustees Committee on Audit & Risk Virtual Public Meeting Dec 3 2021.

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November 2021 Subcommittee on Compensation

Zoom Recording of November 11 Subcommittee on Compensation

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November 2021 Legal & Compliance

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Scheduling Meeting in Outlook

In this video, you'll be walked through the process of scheduling a meeting in Outlook, using scheduling assistant.

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Collaboration and Communication Apps: Working Collaboratively with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace at Penn State

Recorded 6/25/2021. May not reflect the most recent updates to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Participant Guide (Resources) Working Collaboratively with Microsoft…

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