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Inclusive Teaching Practices: Creating a Classroom where Everyone can Thrive

Date: Thursday, August 12, 2021 Time: 12:00 PMAs classrooms become more diverse, educators are re-evaluating teaching methods. This presentation provides background on the importance of developing…

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Partnering with Learning Design to Enhance Your Teaching

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Kaltura Foundations

This overview of the Kaltura platform will review logging into Kaltura, viewing Zoom recordings in Kaltura, recording lectures or instructional videos using Kaltura Capture, requesting captions on…

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Faculty Research Spotlight Edwin Sabuhoro from RPTM

The Virunga Landscape in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) is home to the world’s last remaining population of Mountain Gorillas and many other unique wildlife…

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Kaltura Editing and Quizzing September 2020

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Capturing Instructional Content with Video

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Lesson 5 Module 1: Community Based Participatory Research in Implementation Science (By Kirsten Senturia) [PHS538] See the presentation transcript, slides, and references at the above link in the #CREdLibrary Kirsten Senturia, PhD,…

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MANGT 510 Organizational Structure and Culture

MANGT 510 Lesson 9 Organizational Structure and Culture

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MANGT 510 Lesson 0 Introduction

MANGT 510 Introduction

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