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Metaproteomic profiling of microbial communities in mushroom cultivation | Eion Connor, PhD, Penn State

Dr. Eion Connor talk about his work focused on metaproteomic profiling of passaged microbial communities in Agaricus bisporus cultivation. Penn State’s Microbiome Center optimizes,…

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CHEM 130 - Electrolytes

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CHEM 110 - Chapter 15.3 Redox Chemistry

Zoom Recording ID: 98151840993 UUID: N1HwJpQWToSSsgg1hFv9Cg== Meeting Time: 2021-04-15T15:04:23Z

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MATSE 400 Lesson 24 P 2

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CHEM 110 - Chapter 14.2 Electrolytes

Zoom Recording ID: 7763232643 UUID: bhvp59inSNGV5oJJbRjy9A== Meeting Time: 2021-04-02T19:12:52Z

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2020 NOV 13 Life on the thermodynamic edge: respiratory growth of an acetotrophic methanogen

Divya Prakash, Ph.D., Penn State

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2020 OCT 02 Countering antibiotic resistance through second messenger signals

Yasha Duggal, Penn State

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Stephanie M. Blackman: Owning an Online Business

Owning an Online Fine Jewelry Retail Business

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Potential Capabilities of the MOF MIL-53 to Absorb Cannabinoids

MC REU Research by David Auerbeck and William G. Van Der Sluys

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