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Microbiome Analysis as a Surveillance Tool to Detect and Track Plant Pathogen Threats | Veronica Roman-Reyna, PhD

Dr. Roman-Reyna, who started the lab at Penn State in Fall 2023, introduced her research goals and experience, including her vast work with different metagenomic sequencing methods and analyses. A…

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ACCTG 802 Module 10: Section 355 Requirement (Part IV: COI and COBE)

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PHS 571 - Course Overview

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10.4 How Do We Execute Testing?

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Course Overview [PHS550]

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June 8, 2018 SIMBA Session

Spotlight Topic: SIMBA Overview Join Debbie Meder for our inaugural SIMBA Session, the first in a series of live webinars to provide updates and information about the SIMBA project and answer your…

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Lesson 1 Module 3: Introduction to Mixed Methods Research and Developing Mixed Methods Research Questions [PHS538]

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