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Open Educational Resources (OER) as a Tool for Inclusivity

The cost of course materials greatly impacts our students and their opportunities for learning given their limited resources. This presentation will include the OER and Creative Commons as well as…

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Effects of Gust Structures on the Vorticity Field of a Pitching Wing

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ID2ID Kickoff Meeting 7-18-22

The ID2ID Kickoff Meeting that took place at the Penn State Learning Design Summer Camp on 7-18-22

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Where does PSU Websites Stand on Extra-Functional Property and Quality Characteristics

Accessibility of websites of the higher educational institutions in the US and EU countries are mandated and protected by the law. Many studies focus on these important requirements and report lack…

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Preserving Your Stories: A University Archives Workshop for International Student Organizations

This virtual workshop is intended for international student organization leaders. The goals are to:Introduce student organizations to the University Archives, which serves as the institutional…

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Make an Appointment in Starfish

A walkthrough for students on making appointments in Starfish, as well as how to update or cancel existing appointments and troubleshoot problems with scheduling. See also: Starfish:…

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Complete a Progress Survey

This video walkthrough will take instructors and teaching assistants through the necessary steps to complete a progress survey. Links: Complete a Progress Survey (Public Knowledge Base article)…

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PLSC429_Intro_Penn State Intro SP22.mp4

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Tour of the Starfish Student View: My Success Network, Dashboard, and Profile

Find out what Starfish looks like for students and what key features are available with a tour of the student view of Starfish.

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November 2021 Academic Affairs, Research and Student Life

Zoom Recording of November 11 Committee on Academic Affairs, Research and Student Life

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IST 250 Lesson 10

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Attending Graduate School with a Disability

Zoom Recording ID: 91780652426 UUID: GhQI7ZUQTrC8bKgLu7wlbQ== Meeting Time: 2021-10-07 01:40:59am

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Career Strategies for International Students

Zoom Recording ID: 91305603110 UUID: uym3Uo7cTomq+T7ueCj76Q== Meeting Time: 2021-09-14 10:09:40pm

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Career Strategies for International Students

Zoom Recording ID: 91305603110 UUID: pjjuNdA6TsudyQQB6y7+aQ== Meeting Time: 2021-09-13 08:51:36pm

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Career Fair Prep FA21

Zoom Recording ID: 92903787768 UUID: CnqAGj5mR2+UMgd3cRyWng== Meeting Time: 2021-09-08 10:43:56pm

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Community-wide presentation on Red Folder/helping students in distress

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