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Illuminating Metabolomic Dark Matter - Reshaping How to Mine and Reuse Big Mass Spectrometry Data | Mingxun Wang, PhD, UC Riverside

Dr. Mingxun Wang talks about his groundbreaking metabolomics research and how to extract novel findings from Mass Spec data. The One Health Microbiome Center at Penn State optimizes,…

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Leading with Analytics (OV-LWA-7) Program (9/25-9/27)

Zoom Recording ID: 93828192671 UUID: KPnw0HUoRjaYfs/mLjJnPw== Meeting Time: 2023-09-26 11:58:34amGMT

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Combustion Analysis

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CCID FA23: Strategies for Incorporating Immersive Technologies

Using virtual reality (VR) in the classroom can be engaging and effective for student learning, and the preparation can be easier than expected! Join Stefani and Joie to learn about their experiences…

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Text Replacement

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iPad Widgets

Zoom Recording ID: 6684504436 UUID: dbpzb4fSRzePqgY/dxb6gg== Meeting Time: 2023-07-12 06:54:27pmGMT

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BA 342: Week 5.1 - Ethics & Technology

Zoom Recording ID: 98571773543 UUID: iX90qQfZTLWf/A0HOq3vLw== Meeting Time: 2023-02-01 04:40:09pmGMT

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L07n: Title TBD

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L10: Future Developments (IST 555)

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L08b: Getting Started with Orange 01: Welcome to Orange

Direct YouTube video link: Introduction to Orange data mining software. Learn about the development of Orange workflows, data loading, basic machine learning algorithms…

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Oral history with John Beecher, 1974 November 16 : side 3

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L01m: Stacked and Side by Side Bar Charts (IST 868)

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Project Scope Statement With Examples

YouTube direct link: pmp, project management

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Make It Wearable | Eduardo Garcia And The Future Of Bionic Limbs

Direct YouTube Link: After becoming an amputee in 2011, chef Eduardo Garcia has used various mechanical and myoelectric prosthetics to continue pursuing his passion. In…

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9.3: What do low + mid fidelity prototypes look like?

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Interactions of Fusarium xyrophilum with other microorganisms and insects in a putative floral mimicry system | Terry Torres Cruz

Terry Torres Cruz, a dual-title PhD candidate in Plant Pathology and Biogeochemistry, shares some of her dissertation research on Fusarium xyrophium and its interactions with insects and other…

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