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Living with seizures: Insights from PatientsLikeMe members

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M06-L01a: Introduction to Big-O Notation

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OER Interview Rob Loeb

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CHEM 110 - Chapter 13.4 Phase Diagrams (see description for comment about known error in video)

ERROR in video: from approximately 2:50-3:15 I erroneously refer to a substance I called plasma. I should have used the term supercritical fluid instead. Plasma is an ionized gas, whereas plasma is…

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CHEM 110 - Chapter 13.2 Heat Capacity and Heating Curves

Zoom Recording ID: 7763232643 UUID: AcQw2pkPTwy2bQm4R7CMDg== Meeting Time: 2021-03-19T20:41:12Z

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Lesson 2.6. CI for mean small N a

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Perspective from Esther Chernak: The public health and health care system response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Pennsylvania

Dr. Esther Chernak, Director of the Center for Public Health Readiness and Communication and Associate Clinical Professor at Drexel University's Dornsife School of Public Health, discusses…

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