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SIMBA Snip-it: Cash Journal Overview

Topics Include:Cash Journal – Enter a Cash Receipt and Process Cash Cash Journal – Enter a Check Receipt and Present Check

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SIMBA Snip-it: Cost Objects Dashboard Overview

Topics Include: Run the Cost Objects Dashboard

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SIMBA Snip-it: Customer Invoicing Overview

Topics Include:Post an Invoice Post an Invoice with Reference Park an Invoice Display, Update, Post, and Delete a Parked Invoice Display Customer Line Items Generate Customer Invoices

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SIMBA Snip-it: Journal Vouchers Recording Incoming Payments Overview

Topics Include: Enter a Mass Journal Entry Upload Enter a Journal Entry Display, Update, and Save as Complete a Parked Journal Entry

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SIMBA Snip-it: Budget Workbench and Budget vs Actual Report Overview

Topics Include:Budget Transfer Display Budget Entry Documents Budget vs Actual by Fund Center

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SIMBA Snip-it: Non-PO Invoices Overview

Topics Include:Park an Incoming Invoice Upload Non-PO Invoices Display Parked Invoice Document

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SIMBA Snip-it: Funds Management–Earmarked Funds Overview

Topics Include:Earmarked Funds Journal Create Funds Reservation Upload Funds Reservation

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SIMBA Snip-it: Journal Voucher Overview

Topics Include:Park a Journal Entry Park Journal Entries using the JV Upload Change a Parked Journal Entry Document Display Parked Document List

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