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2022 JAN 14 A continental scale assessment of agricultural soil microbiomes

Elizabeth Rieke, Soil Health Institute

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November 2021 Finance, Business, and Capital Planning

Zoom Recording of November 11 Committee on Finance, Business, and Capital Planning

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SIMBA Reporting Roadmap - June 2021

A reflection of the last 12 months (July 2020 - June 2021) and what is next.

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EDSGN 558 - Bringing Rural Boadband to Georges' Valley

In the time of quarantine with COVID19, access to the internet to connect with Family, Friends, Commerce, Entertainment and education is now more important than ever before in our lifetime. The…

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CAV - Dr. Papakonstantinou - Systems and Structures Health Management Group

"Optimum Life-Cycle Policies and Value of Structural Monitoring Quantification with POMDPs and Deep Reinforcement Learning"

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CAV #1 - Dr. Huageng Luo - Systems & Structures Health Management Group - F19 (10/04/2019)

"Physics-based Data Analytics and Its Application in Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring"

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