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STAT 500 [L8]: Chi-Square Test and the Test of Two Independent Proportions

by Indrani Basak

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Analysis of Giant Pulses from the Vela Pulsar

Using data we collected during 2021 from the 20-meter radio telescope at the Green Bank Observatory we conducted an analysis of the pulses from the pulsar J0835-4510, also known as the Vela pulsar.…

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2022 JAN 14 Introduction to Google Colab/JupyterLab

Patrick Dudas, Penn State

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Stephanie M. Blackman: Customer Insights

Online Retail Owner: Insights about Customers

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Lesson 1.7. Lesson 1 Review

PHS 520

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Lesson 3.2. Hypothesis Testing c

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Lesson 2.2. Normal Distribution c

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Job and Internship Strategies Workshop

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ACCT 504 - Audit of Fair Value

Audit of Fair Value

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