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The Brain: A Secret History - Emotions; Bandura Bobo Doll Experiment

In 1961 Bandura conducted a controversial experiment known as the Bobo doll experiment, to study patterns of behavior , at least in part, by social learning theory, and that similar behaviors were…

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Microbiomes in Wastewater Treatment| El Sayeed + Microbiome & Colonic Cells Co-culture| Nichols

Two talks (full titles and details) 0:00 - 27:24 - Waleed El Sayeed, PhD, Penn State Succession of Microbial Communities and Resistors in an Algal-Bacterial Wastewater Treatment System 27:29 -…

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BA342: Case Study 1 Instructions

Zoom Recording ID: 96252496381 UUID: mAL1Q4EXThSoZYX3zYdsgQ== Meeting Time: 2023-01-12 02:09:50amGMT

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DA 101 Katie Russo Part 1 Q3.mp4

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2022 APR 08 Electron transport in methanogens

Divya Prakash, Penn State

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2022 APR 15 Adaptation of beneficial bacteria to field soil environments

Laura Kaminsky, Penn State

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Optimizing Aziridination of Alkenes to Develop an Instruction-Friendly Experiment

The aziridine ring is a versatile building block for organic synthesis. Many biologically active compounds such as amino acids, beta-lactam antibiotics, and alkaloids have been derived from…

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2021 OCT 15 How do microbial communities respond to perturbations?

Daniel Amor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Lesson 3.2. Hypothesis Testing a

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Lesson 2.1. Basic Probability Theory b

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CHEM 111 World Campus Overview

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PPEM 454 Francisco Iturralde Martinez

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