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Characterizing bacterial genes with large-scale genetics | Adam Deutschbauer, PhD, LBNL

Dr. Deutschbauer talks about the he approaches and tools he uses for microbial functional genomics, including Barseq, with a focus on RB-TnSeq and over-expression experiments. The One Health…

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Research for Annotated Bibliographies

In this video, you will learn: What types of resources are appropriate to include in an annotated bibliography. How to formulate keyword-based search queries in library databases and use filters to…

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Tech Update November 2023

Research Metadata Database Docfinity Forms - New Travel Request Form and more Adobe Creative Cloud Changes in December Telephony Project Library Strategic Technologies Service Catalog Information…

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World Digital Preservation Day 2023 - Resource Session: Dive Deeper into Digital Preservation

Interested in learning more about digital preservation? Join our resource session to discover additional materials, courses, and tools available for those who want to expand their knowledge in this…

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LIBSAFE Patron Fulfillment Training Pilot

Pilot training session for reference and user services on paging items from LIBSAFE for patrons.

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Identifiers at Penn State University Libraries​, 2023-08

A tutorial on identifiers one might encounter when doing digital library work.

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MANGT 597 Agile Project Management Course Intro

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Introduction to GIS data, software, and map resources

Zoom Recording ID: 98298351135 UUID: PN8NKkKoQO62q/6VenKVBw== Meeting Time: 2023-02-21 07:41:56pmGMT

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Project Scope Statement With Examples

YouTube direct link: pmp, project management

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Book Arts Advocacy: A Conversation with the Book/Print Artist/Scholar of Color Collective

The University Libraries' Annual Charles W. Mann Jr. Lecture in the Book Arts* You are invited to watch and listen to the recorded Mann Lecture event with three distinguished members of the…

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Preserving Your Stories: A University Archives Workshop for International Student Organizations

This virtual workshop is intended for international student organization leaders. The goals are to:Introduce student organizations to the University Archives, which serves as the institutional…

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TOP Continuous Improvement

TOP Faculty Interviews

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In this video, you will learn: How to identify peer reviewed publications in Ulrich’sWeb. How to determine if the library provides subscription access to publications identified by…

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Criminology Collection (ProQuest)

In this video, you will learn: How to utilize search techniques common to most search tools (such as keyword searching, using Boolean search operators, and applying filters) in…

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HHSL Celebrates 10 Years of Read Award Program

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