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Leading with Analytics (OV-LWA-7) Program (9/25-9/27)

Zoom Recording ID: 93828192671 UUID: KPnw0HUoRjaYfs/mLjJnPw== Meeting Time: 2023-09-26 11:58:34amGMT

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Oodles of nUDLs: A Recipe for Increasing Engagement

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Metagenomics for the masses | David Roos, PhD & Daniel Beiting, PhD, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Drs. David Roos and Daniel Beiting talk about the development of an open-access data-mining platform for interrogating microbiome experiments. Learn more here: …

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Dr. Shope interview 16.mp4

1. Will the COVID vaccines being developed eventually work like flu shots, where researchers look at the most prevalent coronaviruses and develop vaccines accordingly or will we need to develop a new…

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CHEM 110 - Chapter 14.4 Solubility: Like Dissolves Like

Zoom Recording ID: 7763232643 UUID: znx6PwkKT1isybe6CBtWnw== Meeting Time: 2021-04-05T19:18:31Z

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Module 2: Planning Ahead Part 1 - Participant

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Module 2: Anxiety Treatment - Participant

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Box to OneDrive - What You Need to Know

Training for the University Libraries on the Box to OneDrive Migration.

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Stephanie M. Blackman: Insights on Promotion

Online Retail Owner: Insights on Promotion

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Lesson 1.1. What is Statistics

PHS 520

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Faculty to Faculty: What Works in Remote Teaching?[Mathematics]

Faculty to Faculty is a video series created as a collaboration between The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence and Penn State faculty. In these short videos, we asked faculty to share their…

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